Thursday, November 13, 2008

Half Frame Cameras // Dan Abbe

I was just informed that there are toy cameras out there that are half frame and make diptychs IN CAMERA! Wow - major revelation for this blog...and me. Turns out there are a quite a few out there. For your learning and looking pleasure:

Golden Half

Olympus Pen EE

Yashica Samurai X4.0

Thanks to Dan Abbe for introducing me to this so I can share it right here on this blog. Here is one of his photos taken with the Golden Half.

you can see more of Dan's work here
you can learn more about half frame cameras here & here


Gilda said...

i had no clue. that's so cool.

Michelle said...

hey i've seen a lot of olympic pens being sold at used camera stores in seoul.
let me know if you're in the market and need one sent to you.

sg said...

wow! i had no idea either. How much are they michelle?

Katie said...

ooh...Michelle keep your eyes open and if you see one thats cheap get it - it would be fun to play with!

patrick moose said...

Petri 7 HALF is way more awesome, in my opinion.

here's some shots I've taken with it:

if you bring it to a one hour photo place they give you funny looks:)

Katie said...

thanks Patrick! the photos in your link are so dreamy!

CB Then said...

Hi! I just bought a Golden Half (my first lomo camera, in fact), and am wondering how to take the diptychs photos.. the manual is in japanese :(

Can anyone help me out, please?

Many thanks in advance! =)