Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sharon Lockhart

Maja and Elodie, 2003
2 Chromogenic prints

Sharon Lockhart's eloquent, carefully composed still and moving pictures explore the conventions of film and photography, and the complex relationship between these two visual forms. Wide ranging in subject matter, the Los Angeles-based artist's work is characterized by narrative ambiguity, lush detail and an air of contemplative quietude. In some pieces, like the diptych Maja and Elodie (2003), she emphasizes the role of the observer by presenting two nearly identical photographs side by side, inviting viewers to consider not only the imagery at hand but also the pleasure and profundity of the act of looking at it. Drawing upon structural and documentary filmmaking traditions, Lockhart's art strikes a balance between intimacy and objectivity, addressing the nature of self-representation and anthropologic inquiry.

you can see more of Sharon's work here

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sg said...

your blog really gets me excited about photography!